Monday, June 14, 2010

June Project

my creative juice has been going on a hiatus on and off, especially after the days of working as a shift personnel. 9 to 5 jobs simply doesn't give you much time to do stuff like these. maybe it's an excuse, but i am most creative when the it is late at night. somehow the cool and silent makes me think better.

the latest creative project i did was a love pledge for a very dear friend of mine. seems like these love pledge/contract/promises are the rage these days. couple of years back i saw one made by my cousin and it was very scrapbook style. i have not caught on to the scrapbooking craze and i probably won't. primarily i think the nic nacs to make up a scrapbook are not cheap, but the good thing is, they always yield very wonderful results.

for me, i will check out the nic nacs and what suits my design. i always like to use 'raw' materials. haha..

anyway, back to my project. the original intention was to use green.. almost satiny apple green with a little bit of shine to it. then some ribbons and laces.. etc. usually i hate to work with cloth but they are very flexible coz you can fold them anyway you wish.. but the horrendous thing about cloth is to stick them on. however, with technology being so advance, there's the ribbon type stickers whereby when you iron then on, the cloth would stick nicely.

somehow, apple green turned to pink. pink because i saw this super pretty wrapping paper one day. it's soooo pretty it was irresistable and i just had to get it. i liked the shine on the paper and the subtle embossed on flowers. it is super duper sweet! from there ideas began to form and the crucial thing was to get the contents of the pledge.

it came out to about 10 points in the pledge and initially i wanted to present it on an A4 sized paper but as i got on to buy the materials, i decided to present it in a book because of the medival theme of sorts which i read through the MC speech. haha. it was hard and i was torn between A4 or book because time was too short. the perfectionist in me decided on the book format finally.

below are the pics of the final product. i really like it a lot. my next project is a guestbook. Silver and black theme was the request. i am excited to do these two colours! :D

Materials i used for this project.. of coz it's not all the items..
a preview
the end product
a view of how the content looked like

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