Saturday, May 29, 2010

of yummies made of flour - Taipei

i am very tempted to write the adventures in Taipei in mandarin. however, my mandarin very much sux to a certain extend, so i will still write in english, but as and when i'd still probably write a bit of mandarin.

Taipei is a foodie heaven. everywhere you go, food is all around so you'd definitely not find yourself hungry in Taipei. Street food, restaurants, cafes, smallish restaurants, fast food restaurants there are so many varieties. i cannot help but conjure images of what and how the food taste like just by having a whiff of the smell coming out from these places. it's very interesting as the smell changes every few steps you take. it's quite mind boggling and very upsetting because my stomach can only take so much food but so tempted to try and can't! Argh.. seriously it sux big time!

like i said, i am a lousy travel blogger. so this entry, i'm posting the yummy stuff i have eaten during the trip which are made of flour.


because we stayed near Shi Lin area, there was endless street food for us to taste every night and everyday. My first dinner was the Pan Fried Bao or they call it 生煎包. You can get this in SG but not at this price and the size. As usual, forgetful me dont remember the price, but i remember it being good.

What's good about this bao is the filling. for the price paid, it's got good amount of cabbage, mushroom and big chunks of meat! eating the meat together with the crunchy cabbage was awesome! the bao skin is soft and pretty chewy. Good texture! the bottom which is pan fried is crispy and fragrant! So unforgettable!


then they had our version of beh hay ji.. the butterfly dough fritter or something where you can find in stalls which sells you tiao? they call it 双胞胎. so cute! this push cart sells that and donuts as well as sugared coated twisted donut. it's fried and made on the spot. hot out from the wok! eating it straight away was delish! Slightly hot but crispy. bitting through the crispy outter layer and getting through the softer and fluffy inside was such a wondeful feeling!! totally enjoyed this simple road side food! :)

Caramel egg tart from KFC

our breakfast for one morning was the egg tart from KFC. besides the original flavour which sook tried, i had the caramel egg tart. didn't have much expectations of the egg tart coz after all it's fast food. also, the picture and the actual tart looked quite different. when i took a bite, i was awed! besides having a dollop of whipped cream on the tart, it was drizzled with caramel cooked just to the right consistency and flavour. it's to the point of burnt but not too burnt making the caramel bitter. the sweet, bitter and a tad of burnt was awesome for my morning meal!

Mugwort bread with mochi and azuki bean paste

I have never tasted mugwort and very curious how it taste like because i've always seen it Japan Hour. in this bread, the taste it not so strong so i cannot really comment, but the ingenuinity of having mochi and azuki bean paste as the filling is most interesting. i like it lots! unfortunately, i didnt take a pic of the innards of the bread.

For the second last night, we bought quite a few yummies from Shi Lin night market!!

Mini burger with chicken filling

This burger was so small. one could just finish it with 2 or 3 bites. definitely savory. the meat was very tender and very well marinated. there was also a small slice of lettuce which adds to the texture of this simple burger.

Egg + Flour + sugar

This is simple snack is what you get. if done well, it has to be crispy on the surface and very soft and melt in the mouth for the inside. they come in various shapes and size depending on where you get it from.

Taiwanese prata

they call it 葱油饼 and if you want, you can add egg to it. the egg is a well done sunny side up and it's partially integrated to the 'prata'. the picture doesn't look appetising but together with the sauce. it is very tasty. the sauce is on the sweet and savoury side. eating the egg and the prata soaked with the sauce is wet and flavourful! the prata still retains some of the crispy-ness. it was really good!

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