Sunday, May 30, 2010

Chai Por spaghetti

this inspiration came from this bowl a noodle i bought from 7 eleven in Taipei. i only ate it like a couple of weeks after i returned because i was too hungry. i thought it was savoury, but there was a tad of sweetness to it. then it reminded me that this mix tasted like chai por. the one from tiong bahru chwee kueh stall. i always think the rice cake, oily chai por mix and the chilli were wicked combination. there is no other which can compare!!

so i decided that i will give it an italian twist to it. the noodles in the bowl had good asian texture to it. but i wanted my favourite spaghetti to be the combi. it's like alio alio but not with chilli flakes or chilli padi. i decided to use all the ingredients i can get from the chwee kueh stall.

ok i admit i didnt make everything from scratch, but the starting point is to see how this whole mix will taste like.

i postponed it for two weeks. today i finally managed to make it.

the initial thought was to just cook it with chai por and add the chilli as the final touch. however, in order not to waste the rice cake, i decided to add it as one of the ingredients. though the original intention was to mashed it and fried it till crisp. but i didnt have enough oil from the chai por, so i decided to mix everything together. Actually, the rice cake really has to be fried till crispy then i think it's nice. the one i made is not good enough.

mixing the entire mixture together, the oil is just nice if i didnt add the rice cake and the chilli gives the dish a slight savoury flavour which the chai por misses. The chai por adds sweetness and fragrance. though unfortunately i cannot get the bite of the sasame seeds which is one of the ingredient i liked most in the chai por mixture, but i guess i was too eager to eat the entire dish.

nevertheless, it's very yummy. just as i though. perhaps i'd add a little bit more chilli paste next time. in any case, it's quite solid. pair it with 2009 Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc it's actually very awesome!

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