Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Product Review - Estee Lauder Cyberwhite EX Extra Intensive Purifying Treatment

the last time i tried expensive cosmetic skin care brands was quite sometime ago. SKII was my all time fav but coz it was too expensive, i stopped using it for sometime. Recently, i was introduced to the above and my trip to tangs the other day made me decide to buy it.

the latest in skincare i guess is the liquid from the bottles becoming bubbly foam when rubbed on dried skin.. i meant to say skin which was tapped dry after the initial facial cleanser wash. so, 3 pumps of the magical liquid, put it on your face and begin gently massaging your face with the liquid which foams up thereafter. leave it on for a minute and wipe off with tissue. thereafter, wash. the wait on the face is for 1 minute before wiping off. whilst the 'bubbles' start to 'burst', you have this tickling sensation on your face which was rather hmm.. weird.

this product is supposed to be used only twice a week and the result - clear and glowing skin. when i bought it, i used it for 4 or 5 days consecutively. i figured that i should start intensively first and then continue with the bao yang thereafter.

my conclusion, i think it's damn good! Really clears the skin and definitely worth the $98 which should supposedly last for 6 months.

i have reduced the usage, just in case i have overdone it.



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claudine said...

Hi both, glad that you guys find my blog useful. I have not updated it for the longest time.

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