Sunday, April 25, 2010


just wanted to write but dunno what to say. as usual there seems to be some kind of block. heading to taiwan on 5th may and i am really excited! i know it was because of the travel hiatus last year, i think or seem like i will be traveling with a vengeance this year. trying to fit a couple of countries and with limited budget, i think it's very ambitious.

i know that the trips made this year are primarily for pleasure purposes, but i want to see if there would be work or biz opportunities overseas. frankly, overseas work opportunities is a very appealing thought and it has always been on my mind. in any case, i probably won't be doing it in the near one or two years, but i will keep it in mind.

anyway, i am looking at shanghai, japan and korea. Actually, korea and shanghai are already done deal... erm as of that time when we booked the tour package during the travel fair in feb. but i want to head to shanghai before the world expo ends. hmm.. we'll see how.

life has been a little bit interesting of late and i hope it to get even better. i've overlooked April's mon-solution due to work and not sure if i am going to start on May's anytime soon. perhaps it's out of habit that i have been doing certain stuff quite regularly since the 3 months effort, which is quite cool.

Well, may is just a couple of days away and my plans involve learning korean and keyboard and probably take up yoga soon.

first of all, need to fast for the coming week and get ready for the yummilicious food in taiwan!

to close, i've uploaded a blurred picture of Mr Gordan Ramsay whom Elena and i saw on our impromptu dinner in Jones @ Mandarin gallery. It was OMG OMG OMG and he was sitting only two tables behind us. neither of us mustered the courage to go up to him to request for a photo together.. ahh.. but it was quite a rush!

Aside to E, yes.. he's opening a restaurant in the Sands.. that explains why he was here that day :D

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