Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Black @ 111

i have not been blogging about food, i think i mentioned that it's duplicate effort to upload the pics in FB and then uploading here again in my blog. But Black made me so happy, i think i should share.

Black @ 111 opened apparently 4 months back (that's what the waitress told me) i passed by it a couple of times lately on my way to town. i was curious, i was intrigued. today, my mission to town was to check out alcoholic tea and buy cakes from deste. i was thinking where to have dinner, i remembered that there was this place which i so wanted to go. So i looked at the menu which was stuck to eye level on the floor to ceiling glass panel. the price i reckon seems reasonable enough and guess what peepz, there is no service charge. however, they still serve your food to your table with the utensils, but you gotta get your own ice water.

Black is a cosy place, not as noisy as it's neighbour 'Apple Bee' (where it's diners created lots of noisy pollution machiam like eating in fast food restaurant..) layout is pretty simple but i thought looked a tad cramp. when i was there, there were only 2 others. the rest of the restaurant was empty. the staff busied themselves sitting at another corner chit chatting.. but were fast to spring up from the seats when they saw me coming.

not impressed with the person who served me coz i asked for dessert recommendations she just said everything was displayed in the display unit. later she warmed up and said that her preference was the chocolate banana something cake.. sorry, but you all know that i aint good with remembering names.

in the end, i ordered a Cesar salad and waffles with manuka honey and figs.

The Cesar salad looked very miserable but it's quite incredible. The ingredients were simple but the taste quite wicked. Maybe it's coz I liked the way they cut/slice/chop (however you call it) the cheese and I love the cheese (Parmesan if I am not wrong) which in this cut went very well with the smoked chicken. Yup not the normal chicken grilled or whatsoever. It's smoked! Quite salty but it tasted almost ham like! The little bit of skin fats really made it quite different.. The cherry tomatoes were juicy and my only complain about the dressing was that it was too salty.. Too much anchovies perhaps? With the hidden bits of black pepper, this salad is more than meets the eye..

And how should waffles taste like? I've never really tasted a good waffle coz I always think that the batter is either too thick and taste too floury or too crispy that it's not what I have in mind of how waffles should taste like. When I ordered this, I was told I had to wait 10 mins. I thought it better be good and I was not disappointed. The Cesar salad raised my expectations a tad.. I kind of couldn't wait. The verdict: the waffles from Black are cripsy at the edges, soft and fluffy in the centre. There is even a slight stretchiness to it.. Contains the melted ice cream very well and it doesn't become soggy! I am a fan!

The fig and manuka honey ice cream so compliment the waffles. It is in truth too sweet for my liking if eaten on it's own. But it goes so well with the waffles and gives it the right amount of sweetness! Imagine warm waffles and slowly melting thick almost gelato like ice cream with small mouthful of dried figs and tinges of maple syrup taste.. I think it's awesome! Black @ 111.. i will definitely revisit :)

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