Sunday, February 07, 2010

is this from...???

lately, i have been shopping online quite frequently. primarily, the stuff are much cheaper than the items in the mall. i'm sure people have doubts regarding shopping online, i had mine too. however, it became easy peasy when you gain experience from the items you buy and you'd start to realise if the items from the online shop suits you.

more importantly, one should not be lazy and should indeed follow the advise of the seller to do the required measurements to ensure the item fits you.

so i did that and most of the time, the result was pretty satisfactory. but measurement should only be once, thereafter you'd know your size and can buy with confidence.

online shopping a now a thing amongst the peepz i know. especially in office. more often than not, when i see something familiar, i'd ask.. is that from xxx shop from x mart?

then the conversation would continue etc etc etc.

it's really quite fun shopping online actually, just don't get carried away from the seemly cheap prices. cheap prices can equate high spendings if not kept in check! and quite a number of the sellers are pretty friendly and the customer service is pretty good and most of the time, quality is there!

off to do my online shopping again! :D

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