Thursday, February 04, 2010


you were given eyes, with a purpose
just so that you can see
if the fonts are too small, open your eyes bigger
oh, i forgot.
you wear specs
i guess it is about time you change them
obviously you can't see

for the past few times,
you ask stupid questions.
either my english is too powerful
or whatever i type doesnt matter
ah yes..
you always thought highly of yourself
i forgot again.

so it is no wonder
you think you ask very smart questions
questions which you think people overlooked
except yourself
because you are confident
you think it's your talent

but you make mistake
yes you do
i was your eyes, your ears and your hand
a secretary i never thought i was
i am no longer your eyes nor ears definitely not your hands
you took me for granted
i never thought of it this way
but yes you did
because in the end,
i was not what you wanted

you made your choice
leave me alone
i wish i can
and i really should
in the end
i hate myself
for not being able to
no matter how

you dont know how that feeling sucks
how it hurts
how it will never heal

you dont know
you dont know
you dont know

somehow after knowing how blind you are
how you ask stupidly obvious questions
how highly you still think of your capabilities
i think i can
maybe i will

not everyone are as silly as you think they are
not everyone are not as capable as you
no one needs to endure your arrogance

i only thought you are smart, capable and endured your arrogance
just because i liked you

i think i can finally wake up
release myself from these chains
about time
i should be free

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