Monday, December 14, 2009

Another MAC product

well, this came a bit late. it was after much hesitation and a lot of thoughts. finally, thoughts became action and yeah, i got the Iphone. well, it was with a few regrets and bad timing and a very long waiting ordeal. when i finally got the white, i wasn't as excited as i was on last monday.

see, the ordeal was that the telco sent me the wrong colour. they sent me the black instead of the white which i refused to accept coz the black will definitely not go well together with the pink cover i bought online. as much as i try to psycho myself it will be both unique and erm cool, i just couldnt accept it. so it took the telco from Monday to Friday so that i could get the correct colour. i will not dwell further but i am amazed with my level of patience. Gawd, one whole year of perfecting the art of being patient has turned me to another person who didnt reap what she worked towards being patient for. i was now being patient for the wrong reason. darn, this is freaking bad. i am still damn sore about it.

anyway, i always like how Apple package their products. i think it's damn cool. below the pics of what it is like inside the iphone and how the pink cover looked on my phone :D

the title says it all

before the plastic was removed

white against white

what lies beneath? pull up the tab

cords and more cords

the 'key' to start the phone ringing

let the fingers do the work first

cover it pink!

additional protection

even got protection for the logo

put on the screen protector 99.5% close to perfection..

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