Sunday, November 29, 2009

Yumeiro Patissiere

nope, it's not a new cake place sprouted up somewhere. it's an anime which i have stayed up to watch for the last two days. yup, i like anime. don't have specific liking for specific genres. i watch a range of anime from naruto, bleach, d gray man to lately, kobato and the latest Yumeiro Patissiere. Usually my preference is dependent on storyline and other feel good factors.

Anyway, back to YP. i think anyone who loves cakes, desserts or anything sweet should check it out. the storyline thus far for the first 5 episodes i have watch is simple, but character building is there. it's about this teenage girl who is good at nothing except eating cakes. one day, whilst her younger sister won a piano competition she went checking out this cake festival or something at a nearby place. (she found this by being attracted to the smell whilst walking the street) There she was being discovered by this patissier Henri who was amazed by her description of the cake he made for her to taste coz she hit the spot on what his creation is supposed to make the person who eats his cake feel. he then recommended her to study in this St.Marie academy which is a school for kids who dream of becoming patissier/patissiere. That's where the story starts.

it's very cute and super comical. and if you like cakes/desserts/anything sweet, you'd know why i like it so far. perhaps it maybe too kiddish for some, but it's good for me.

click on the below link, it should link you to the streaming of the anime.

enjoy and perhaps you'd get hungry like me after watching each episode.. :D

Yumeiro Patissiere - brought to you by the good people at Kumby!

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