Sunday, November 29, 2009

Xmas Deco in BKK

They have very pretty designs. Don't think any trees in SG or deco can compare. Faintz, one day i'd go see the ones in Japan. Will not let this year's setback prevent me from going there one day.

Check out the tree. it's outside Central World. Sooooooooo tall!! Tallest i have ever seen! damn huge lor! Anyway, check it out. i wish i had to mood to take more pics then.

Silvery shiny tree outside Siam Paragon

i love the huge ballies spriting out water.. sooo pretty!

this 招财猫 is huge lor!!! sooo damn big! :D

this is the tree i was talking about. Sooooo tall you have to lift up your head to see it :D. Love the blue fairy lights!

and this really huge newage reindeer! Nice!!

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