Sunday, November 22, 2009

back from bkk

hmm.. what can i say about the trip? well, didn't bring my mum and me closer nor did it make the forgetting any easier. first two nights i still cried, but not as much. it was difficult. the third night, i didn't anymore. wonder if it's coz went to bai bai, or it's just coincidental. I just didn't.

fortunately, for the rest of the trip, it was much easier. focus was on the shopping i guess and food. whatever weight i have lost over the past couple of days prior to the trip, i've gained it back. so unhappy about it. can't imagine tomorrow still meeting the seniors for dinner. faintz, i think i'd eat lesser, else i will have a hard time losing it again.

i thought about many things and cringed at the thoughts of many things. i still asked myself why and also told myself maybe the feelings were never mutual. i was living in a world of my own all these while and was being lead on? Or how did it go? WTF. Anyway, one thing which stuck was what CH asked me once when i was ta baoing food. he saw the queue and asked me if it was worth it and i instantly replied yes. somehow thereafter, i wondered if it was really worth it and thought that it was and was ready to take responsibility for answering that so swiftly. alas, at the end of it all, this is going to be a scar which is difficult to heal and not sure if it'd ever.

whatever it is, things will never ever be the same and i really hate to have to type this sentence.

anyways, shopping is good. food is good. i am really even more impressed with bangkok now and would religiously return to do major shopping, mani, pedi etc..

will i blog the trip? nope, nothing much to say. i'd probably put up the pics and show other stuff like what i bought or ate.. that kind of thing..

i can't imagine going back to work on Monday, still dam tired. but i only need to work two more weeks and i'd have another week of leave..

so looking forward to it.

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