Thursday, July 02, 2009

Perfect Eyesight

hmm.. how long have i taken this for granted? i think too long..

of late, not sure if it's due to too much staring at the comp at work or using my laptop for bejeweled tornaments trying to break those high scores, i realised my right eye is starting to have some weird syndrome.

it's starting to twitch a lot
it's starting to see some blurry/fuzzy forms surrounding the lights

worried? yeah, i sure am. never happened to me before and i don't really want anything to happen.

i decided to try to turn in earlier and reduce my usage of the lappy and try not to stare so near to my office laptop and also to look at more green stuff.

sure hope i'm in time with the rectification process.

2009 seems like not very good year for my health.

btw, it's already July.. somehow this year, time DOES fly by faster than any other..

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