Monday, June 08, 2009

window shopped

a short trip to Marina Square after a tough work day, i eyed 3 dresses from the same shop.

it's been quite sometime since i last purchased anything from Women's Secret. the reason was simple, they have been churning out way too many overly padded bras which looked uber incredulous!

i went in last week for a short walk around. found quite a couple of stuff i liked. primarily their dainty and very affordable clutches and pretty pastel, sweet and summer colours of lingerie. all very bright and all so attractive! i simply couldn't resist.

the dresses i saw were reasonably priced. average price was about $53 and i was tempted to get them all. then i decided to hop by zara to see if they had any good selection which would perhaps surprised me. but alas, they had none to speak of. the nicer ones were at least $75 which i was unwilling to splurge on. but i did get a linen shirt which fitted nicely and at a i guess, ok price of $39.90 given the details and additional buttons and very sweet pastel canary yellow colour.

and yes, pastel, carnary, sacharrine, sweet yellow is my current favourite colour. one of the dresses i saw in WS is that colour with some line-ish details printed in light grey. i'm eyeing that to wear for Mr Ong's wedding, but unsure if it's too simple to wear for a wedding dinner and i need to get a nice light greyish cardi.. maybe can find in MNG.

hmm.. let me contemplate the night away about the dresses, i might just get all 3 hmm..

so looking forward to friday..

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