Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Skinny Pizza @ Suntec

met up with mdm tay and mr yeo on Monday for our very overdue lunch. we have been trying to meet up for lunch for the longest time and this was the third attempt after 2 failed ones.

the 2nd time i suggested Skinny Pizza coz i happened to read about it on somebody's blog and everyday i see the Skinny Pizza poster 'screaming' out to me! decided have to try it!

we ordered Skinny Pizza's version of buddy meal on Monday.

i like how they did up the menu for the promo set. it was simple. a cut out picture of what customers are going to have and words written via marker pen.

for a price of $38++ you'll get 1 Skinny Pizza of your choice and you can pick from any flavour in the menu. we were recommended the meatball bolognese pizza. quote from the waitress 'this one wins all other flavours hands down when we first launched it'.

digressing a bit, actually, the flavour which made us decided that we should go into the restaurant was after tasting the chorizo almond pizza.

continuing with the set meal, you also get 2 soups of the day. if you do not want the 2 soups, you can exchange it with their desserts of either strawberry shortcake or brownie. so we took a white bean cuppaccino soup and brownie.

as for the drinks menu, they were very generous. wine/beer is not included in the set, you can order any drinks in the menu. so we took ginger beer and apple cider which cost about $4.50 and $5.50 separately.

we contemplated to order another pizza as the dough looked too erm thin! so we were deciding between squid ink pizza (it's black in colour with seafood), chorizo almond and mushroom truffle oil pizza. since neither of my friends were attracted to the squid ink pizza, we settle for the mushroom truffle oil or if that's what it is being called.

our meatball bolognese arrived and we kinda regretted having ordered another. it was HUGE! and yes, it could feed 3 peepz if you are all small eaters. it has generous toppings of arugula leaves and lots of meatballs! and they were also very generous with the long slices of cheese. it was good!

juicy meatballs, thick sauce, loads of cheese and the pungent, slightly bitter arugula leaves all mixes very nicely when eaten together. i felt healthy! the crust was super crispy and it's really like eating crackers! very fun experience!!

then came the soup. unfortunately, the picture turned out blurry. white bean cuppuccino is not a coffee soup. it is white bean soup coated with creamy froth. the soup was thick, i like it lots. it's got lots of flavour and punch. comfort food in fact.

then came the mushroom skinny. i didn't like it as much and it became rather jerlat after like one and a half slice. also the smell of truffle oil reminded me yet again of gas, no offense to truffle lovers. but they were very generous with the topping. for the price paid, i think it's pretty worth it.

then came our brownie. hmm, didnt sit well with me coz it's too RICH! it's interesting how they presented the brownie, i mean not in the way of display but the brownie came in 2 slices. one was full of dark, thick, sticky chocolate and the other was like a normal sponge cake but fuller and slightly dry. i don't know why they did it like that, made the whole brownie experience quite weird. anyways, i would very much like to try their churros. looked very yummy.

the set also came with truffle fries which were passable though nothing much to rave about.

on the whole, the meal was good and the prices were reasonable. next time i wanna try the squid ink skinny! it's definitely a nice place to go to and it's actually not very crowded during lunch time. the staff were attentive and helpful. they also asked what we liked and don't like about our meal. do try it out if you are around there some day!

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