Sunday, May 17, 2009

Oxygen high

got my oxygen high this morning and now i feel tired. there were loads of peepz there today, a lot of AMs too. wonder why. spent 15 mins waiting for car park.

need to head to Cold Storage to get the stuff for breakie next week. i decided to omit salad with vege coz need too much time to process. so will just get butter lettuce and cranberry bread and ham and 1 week supply of milk so that as and when get home too late, at least the next morning can have POST cereal which is not too bad. Will get the blueberry one this week.

decided not to head back to office. Canele BFC can wait since i'd feel sinful if i do wolf it down today. however, it's not stopping me to contemplate going 'Indulgence' after the grocery shopping.

well, before all these i'm meeting LC and SK for kopi sesh.. signing off for now!!

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