Sunday, May 17, 2009

'Hungover' without the drinks

never knew i can get the feeling of hungover without actually loading on the beers and hard liquor and the mixes. never knew until friday morning.

i was late for work that day. woke up with the sun shining bright, i was like F#$@! i'm going to be late. when i stood up and made my bed, i had that dizzy, giddy feeling. it was like a hangover over 'cept there wasn't the alcoholic after taste. it was so unpleasant and super bo hua! i mean, i didnt drink ok!!

anyway, i felt sick the whole day. i couldn't do much and was unable to concentrate. i felt like everything was surreal, but it's real. i even had a deja vu moment! unbelievable! mr ong mentioned that i didn't looked too good that day when we emailed.

i think i lack oxygen in my brain. so i jioed my mum to BTNR later in the morning today. i know i'd have problems walking up for sure, but the oxygen high should revitalise my tired body. still contemplating if heading to office to get a 1 day buffer for the testing will do any good. However, without any support, i wonder if it's rational.

oh oh and i finally bought more appropriate shorts for my jogging/BTNR sessions. i got a pair of reebok play dry shorts when i went shopping with LC @ Stadium. I think we spent like close to an hour in there and were confused by the cashier during payment. if i am not wrong, we spent like close to 10 mins calculating our purchases coz of the discount.

in the end, dinner was at KFC. not that i minded, i have been wanting to have it since Thurs coz one fine morning, i woke up to the smell of fried chicken. it's like 6+ am in the morning worr!!! people were already making fried chicken!! faintz!

anyways, the only incentive to head back is that i'd prolly head to Canele to try their black forest cake which Ice had written on her blog. looked damn tempting. i'm having cake craving ever since the cake from Pan Pac bakery at the atrium..

hmm.. ponders ponders..

and my blog looks almost boring now with lesser and lesser pics. so busy to take photos these days but i do have some which i have not uploaded... see how later..

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