Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Flour/bao craving

was at this food court this afternoon having lunch. Mr Ong bought this lor mai gai. what struck me was not the lor mai gai, but the smell of bao floating towards me when the stall helper opened the steamer..

wahhh.. u know that sweet, floury smell that screams char siew bao, ba bao, lotus paste bao and whatever baos you can think of set my brain to a 'I WANT TO EAT BAO!!' high.

unfortunately, throughout the whole day, i didn't have any bao. surfing through LIC's dim sum spree entries.. i nearly died not having my bao today!!

and dinner was hot dog bao (western style from Carl's Junior) to satisfy my bao/bun craving partially. but unfortunately, when i reached home this evening, the beef sauce (yummy but with loads of MSG to the extend which i think i am going to drop loads of hair tomorrow) soaked the bun entirely. so i didnt derive much bao kick out of it. i am so thinking of Canele's BFC and chinese bao now!!

Grrrrrr... perhaps i will have both tomorrow.

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