Monday, May 18, 2009

Cloud 9

okay, it's not the club. i know there's 1 at Genting, i think there's one in SG as well.

but i am actually referring to ice cream at Cedele by Bakery Depot.

i like the simple packaging

since i couldn't/didn't head to Canele to get that BFC, i thought i'd settle my sweet tooth craving with ice cream. my initial choice was almond cappuccino. well, i love almond regardless of form. unfortunately, they didn't have that. next time i'd get it.

the pics uploaded, were from previous purchase. i like that the salt is subtle and i can taste the caramel. it's quite nice, then again i think it's due to the salt, it made me pretty thirsty after quite a couple of spoonfuls. but it's yums coz they have full almond nuts in the ice cream and i really cannot get enough! the ice cream is basically eggless and 0% transfat.

you can see the smoothness of the ice cream.. yum yum!

at a price of $12.50 for a 500g tub, i think it's quite ok. can last me quite sometime.. :D

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