Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Leave Day 1 - a surprise part 3

after dinner and maybe coz he was too full, dad suggested going to Cold Storage at Katong Mall. I haven't been into katong mall for the longest time i can remember. the last time i set foot was to have dinner at Wahiro which was like 2 weeks back and i only went into the restaurant and no where else. not even Cold storage coz i figured it prolly doesn't take credit cards.

yeah well, i am more of a credit card person than a cash paying one.

turned out i was right cash or nets only. so i ended up buying only a box of pessimons (yeah, i am also a sucker for pessimons). when i came out of the cashier, i saw this shop which was painted in black and orange. what attracted me was the black medium sized chandelier lamp hanging from the ceiling which was such a stark contrast to the orange.

digressing a bit, i love the colour combi of orange and black. Each colour has such a bold characteristic yet they gel together in such an appealing manner.

then the second thing that attracted my attention was this poster outside which screamed 1 for 1 and had a photo of macarons on it. so i sneaked a peek as i walked away and i saw the display refrigerator displaying beautifully coloured macarons, tarts, puffs etc.. i had wanted to leave, but decided to go in and was greeted by Jeffery the friendly ops manager.

Fortunately or unfortunately, the 1 for 1 was for the day was for the creme brulee and not the macarons coz the promo was already over. though i am not that much of a creme brulee fan, i was told that the sugar is being caramelised in front of the customer.. well, this one i gotta see and so, i decided to get the coffee and earl grey creme brulee. thereafter, it was taken to the work area and Jeffery whipped out the 'weapons' to caramelise the creme brulee.

we all know that if eating food requires the involvement of all our 5 senses, it is definitely going to make eating the food entirely worth it. buring the raw sugar right in front of the customer certainly involved everything. first i saw the sugar bubbled away under the heat of the burner (if that's what you call it) and then slowly turning brown as it goes along (sight). then i hear the sugar sizzle softly (sound) and i smell whiffs of sweet chao ta-ness float in the air around me (smell). suddenly, i find myself in a world of my own with the creme brulee, but then, i still haven't get to touch or try it. i was so eager that i nearly forgot to pay for it. so paiseh!!

by the time i reached home, i cannot wait. had wanted to use the SLR to capture the shots, suay suay today used too much batt so it was out when i wanted to use it. so used the point n shoot instead. after taking some shots, i finally got to 'touch' it. okay, i didn't literally touch it with my hand or what, the softness of it when it met my tongue it was softer than eating tao huay and has a richer texture than ice cream. it was better than the creme brulee i had in spain and it's definitely yummers!

i had the coffee one first and the taste of coffee was not overpowering. there's a slight bitterness (only so mild but still can taste it) of the coffee and it was not too sweet. the slowly melting caramelised sugar dripped and draped itself slowly onto the areas which were being scopped off gave the whole dessert the great taste!! i prefer the earl grey simply because it's smelt fragrant and pleasant and i wonder if the tiny bits were tea leaves?

do eat the creme brulee asap coz once the sugar liquifies, it's not as happening when you eat it crispy :D

i am so going to head back to the stop again! It's call 'Indulgence' and it's surely a gem in Katong! So happy that i didn't skip by it.


Fen said...

You slightly have an amazing way to describe your senses with just a creme brulee... Now I am curious about the experience you had...

claudine said...

Haha, errr.. it was indeed the most interesting experience i have had thus far making use of the 5 senses with a takeaway dessert.

seldom you have places making such an effort for the customers. and coming from a shop in katong mall, damn unexpected ah!! :) so i am planning a trip with my gal pals to head to the place one day!!