Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Lazy Tues

woke up at around 830am this morning and saw that the skies were dark and greyish.. so lazy and felt so much like slacking, but i remembered the lunch appointment with LC and SK made last week and since LC said last night to sms her at 1030am, i went back to sleep. Phone alarm was set at 10am, i snoozed all the way to 1030am and smsed. was told to head to tampines for lunch.

so headed there and we had lunch at Crystal Jade. Dim sum and congee and i was uber full. had mango pudding which wasn't terrific. dim sum were so so, didnt take pics coz changed bag and forgot to take the camera. i pretty much like the congee coz the rice was cooked to barely nothing and it was quite thick and melts in the mouth. the chicken slices were nice and still savoury. overall, it was comfort food. for 3 women, i think we ordered quite a bit. we had siew mai, harkao, 3 types of roast meat consisting of duck, pork and char siew, chicken with glutinous rice which i like coz got salty egg yolk, fried silver fish, chicken feet, shrimp chee cheong fan, another something which looked like har kao but the filling is different, hmm.. sounds like not a lot but it was quite a bit.

after that i walked around tampines attracted by all the shops. surprisingly, i bought nothing except necessities from watsons coz there was a sale. i didnt even buy the MM eyeshadow coz i still feel that their stuff are over priced. though i was quite tempted to get a sweater top from Mango coz of the pleasant colours of lilac, brown and pastel yellow and white. there was an embroidered logo on one of the sleeves, quite cool.

somehow, i resisted. dunno why.. maybe waiting for next month i gather? even the many shoe stores didnt tempt me. i'm quite impressed with myself actually. i was so bored that i even went to la senza which i didnt think sells the best lingerie, but i went in and give their stuff a try. then i remembered why i never got their items. don't think the brand was for me even though i love their dainty designs. Pity!

in the end, i left at around 5 ish and came home to mum's home cook dinner.. erm well i only had the white radish soup.. too full liao!!

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