Sunday, March 29, 2009

Double Rare Cheese Mango - Pattiserie Glace

is your idea of cheesecake something completely cheesy? thick, heavy, creamy cheese which you can savour in your mouth and thereafter leaves a strong after taste even when the cake is swallowed?

that's what i thought a cheesecake to be.. normally.

eating this cake brought a whole new perspective to eating cheesecakes. more often than not, the cheesecakes i have eaten are a proportionate blend of thick cheesy taste with just enough if not too much sweetness to hide the cheese taste. that's the taste of the cheese itself. thereafter, the sponge cake is also sweet and the toppings are also sweet, or sour at times. so complex...

then came the DRCM. (yep, i am lazy so i like to give my own abbreviations to lengthy stuff)

what struck me about the cake is how fragile it is. removing the plastic cover surrounding the cake, it started to bend within minutes not sure if it's due to the weather or what.. in any case, i realise i must eat the cake soonest.

the top part of the cake is a layer of fluffy, soft, white cream drizzled with a generous amount of mango puree. the cheese filling is next and a layer of sponge cake. the combi is being repeated and it makes up the whole DRCM.

if you have tried PG's cakes, the cream taste is very much the same. light, melts in the mouth and goes well with anything sour. but of course, eating it by itself has no kicks. so the star for this cake is the cheese. the cheese taste is definitely there, the chef doesn't try to mask it with sugar or any further sweetness. you taste it as it is. cheese with tinges of saltiness in every bite. doesn't leave too strong an after taste.

thus it is unlike any cheesecakes i have eaten. thick cheese with proportionate blend of sweetness making some of them heavy and jelat after half a slice is being eaten. Worse, cannot run away from the sinfulness of eating those cakes.

DRCM doesn't give you the guilt and i think can eat at least 2 and maybe 1 more. Plus the sweet and sour mango puree goes so well with the cheese. at the same time, though the puree may seem a tad too little, i think it's a good portion to enjoy the whole slice of cake.

i'd definitely get it again. do try it even if you are not a cheesecake lover, it's easy to enjoy coz it's pretty light. :)


Fen said...

Giving me another reason to drop by Patisserie Glace... This cake used to be a single deck... they introduce it as a 2 decks cake on my first visit...

claudine said...

oohhh... i didn't know. but it was a good move to do 2 decks! Cannot get enough of it! What's bad is it's so light i really can foresee myself eating like 3 slices.. :D