Saturday, March 28, 2009

baby Ethen! Welcome to the world!

i have never used my SLR to take the pictures of a newborn baby. today marks the first time. CH's and Rachel's newborn baby boy Ethen came to our world yesterday evening and we went to visit. I didn't take out my camera in the beginning coz was busy playing with CJ and there were many people in the room. i paiseh worr..

so after the rest left, i whipped out my camera after CH asked.

i so sucked at it. my hands were unstable and there was minimal light. so the pics came out reddish and orangey. i tried holding my breath whilst taking the pics. probably only 1 made the cut, but definitely not the best. and i didn't use flash so as not to disturb him sleeping and at the same time not good to use it babies worr..

this is the one i like. it was taken through the clear plastic cradle

sleeping peacefully

is that a smile i managed to capture?

such a cute yawn :)

i did some adjustments to the pics, but quite difficult. coz of my shakey hands, pics were not sharp. so without a good base and since i only have the simpliest photo editor, this is what i could muster. will definitely try to improve going forward.


hopefully next time i can take better pics!! :D

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