Thursday, February 26, 2009

perish those travel thoughts

somehow my mind's rather psych that i am so not going to do any traveling this year until towards the end like november or dec. the period where friends want to go travel, i'm blocked out for my projects. today's morning huddle session, it was mentioned that airfares are selling at uber low prices in that if you don't grab, machiam damn lugi like that.

unfazed as i am, i went to check out the travel sites. still, heart's not all fluttery with the intention to go buy a ticket and fly off.

i started this year with the intention of going to two countries. repeated destinations i must say but both have their appeal. not sure if it's too ambitious, but i might just head to these places during my long break.

looking at November. i wanna head to Japan (Osaka) either head to tokyo or kyoto or both, so depending on which part, i may either move up north or south. hmm.. so far i've asked 1 person who sounded keen, cited that it's a preferred destination to visit, sure hope the interest keeps up and like me look forward to a destination to go to.. hmm would be good if there's a travel buddy. somehow, i kinda think that even if there's no one who can make it, i might just head there by myself. like i said, it's going to be interesting.

then i wanna head to taiwan. wonder if possible to catch a concert there. i'm so not over with the shopping, the makan, the interesting sights and weather. i think i might have fun.

hmm.. to be able to handle the above two destinations on my own if ultimately that's the sad future, then i better ensure that i know how to read maps, buck up on my japanese and leave the rest to nature and fate.

feels a tad excited, just hope that travel fares continue to be really low towards the end of the year man! that will be excellent! :D

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