Tuesday, February 24, 2009

long time no seh

wonder what got into us. must be the company and the endless flow of red wine? must also be the need to feel relax and enjoy the time.

so i cannot remember how much we drank or i drank but i was sure i was all smiley and slurring and talking lots. haha.. not bad, i think it was quite a fun wedding dinner.

i ended up uber tired and over intoxicated. tough day to pass at work today. haha

i went to a TCM doc this evening coz my mom urged me to go. she is simply reluctant for me to go under the knife. so went we did this evening. Doc ZL is a celebrity doc. saw his photos with quite a few 95.8 radio DJs and some older Ch 8 Hosts. anyway, he saw my lab results and asled me simply why do i wanna go under the knife? i told him that Doc See mentioned that it's best to remove etc etc etc.

he then said 如果, 我是你,我都不去管它。so he helped me 把脉 and mentioned that i am a person who is internally very weak and gets tired very easily. and he's quite right. i get tired easily dunno for whatever reasons. he cited that i have weak kidneys and legs turn soft very easily. so he prescribed some TCM for me to take one a weekly basis so help strengthen me internally. he cited that 'technically' the lump on my throat is likely to be a clot (which kinda echos my thoughts) ask me don't even think about it and just continue as is.

why i think that the lump is a clot of sorts? coz i notice that whenever i go to BTNR and come back, i feel the lump kinda reduce in size. i think i need good old nature fresh air and be high on it. very much believe that it will help.

hmm.. the only thing is, i haven't been going up since i came back from genting. i must so go for it this weekend!!!

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