Wednesday, February 18, 2009

obsessed with DIY salad

okay, i have been making salad for breakie for the last couple of mornings. hmm.. is it an obsession or is it just plain therapeutic? i don't know.. i just know that the trips to the supermarket has resulted in a variety fruits, vege and meat being bought.

today i saw cheap blueberries (pity they were sour though), fresh looking wild rocket in that you don't see any rotten bits here and there, and i bought oak leaves lettuce too! I kinda mistaken them for buttercup lettuce initially. Cold Storage also had smoked virgina ham on sale! so i just had to buy the stuff and bring 'em home to fully utilize my remaining coral lettuce, pessimons and tomatoes. didn't add pomegranate this time as blueberry itself has anti-oxidant too. i will the pomegranate for another time. all these grocery shopping due to picking up a pair of altered pants from Isetan Mango. Fortunately, i didn't succumbed to temptation and went for laksa instead from my fave stall. i decided no way i am going to do that coz i just finished hip hop class earlier..

so any with cheap and good ingredients, i made my breakie for tomorrow. i am torn between using the onion dressing or the kurozu dressing.. hmm.. i will prolly use the latter and then also add Parmesan cheese!

i like the appetizing colours. and i had to take this shot coz of the design of the plastic bowl!!

hee can't wait for the salad tomorrow!! :D

here's my Thursday breakie upclose! TGIT!!

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