Tuesday, January 06, 2009


hmmm.. contemplating if i should announce this..

i am officially... a fan of natto (japanese fermented beans)!! okie, to some people it's some kind of acquired taste to be able to appreciate it. the first time i tried it, i didn't like the taste nor smell. it was only due to my recent visit to Shinryoku that i fell in love with it.

i like it better than the chinese fermented beans (which people stirfry with minced meat and use it for other stuff) coz it's less salty, less likely to disintegrate easily when you bite it, it has this sticky texture which i like and most of all, it is one thing which makes me think of wanting to eat one bowl of sticky japanese rice with. these days, rice isn't exactly a staple for me.

i ate it with salmon again, but this time better salmon. i must also say that i added a new type of sauce into the mixture and everything went really well together. the natto is not so stinko (though to me, it smell all right) and makes it really sticky. yum yum, fun fun! haha

which brings me to the next thing that i wanna talk about. on Sat, i bought this Japanese salad dressing from Cold Storage. It's called 'Kurozu Dressing Onion'. At first, i didnt wanna get it coz i'm not exactly a fan of onion. however, after testing it on my simple salad, it's damn shiok and brings out the taste of the simple salad!! how simple is the salad? well, you only need 3 things.

Korean strawberries (sliced)
Cabbage (thinly cut/chopped/sliced)
Kurozu Dressing Onion (add according to your own preference)

I used Korean strawberries because they are sweeter and it adds a natural sweetness to the salad. The cabbage used was any cabbage you can find in markets. After chopping the cabbage into thin strips, you'd have a bowl full of cabbage and then put the sliced strawberries on top of the bed. drizzle the dressing on the cabbage and strawberries.

the dressing is slightly oily, sour, flavorful and brings out the sweetness from the strawberries even more. i guess it must be due to the onion in the sauce as well. i was surprised that the simple salad tasted awfully good!! Love it entirely and i will continue to buy this brand of dressing. it is very promising :D i can imagine using this sauce for so many other stuff!! For a price of $8.50 i think it's pretty worth it!

no wonder that bottle which i got was the last one.. hmm.. cool! Pictures next time i guess.. i didnt think of taking a pic of the dishes today. too tired and lazy!! haha, it's a work day after all!!

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