Sunday, January 04, 2009

ascending the bukit timah nature reserve

matchbox 20's 'Jenny' rang away at 5.10am and i fretted. darn, i got my timing wrong. i think mum was referring to 5.50am instead of the former. i went back to sleep, changed the next alarm timing and i laid partially awake contemplating if i should go or not.

undecided, i dozed off to total darkness again. 5.50am came and prior to that mum was already washing up and getting ready to go. so, got up i did and surprisingly, was quite awake given the fact i didnt catch minute winks in the loo. haha..

went to pick up cuz Pei San and another uncle and two aunts and we head off to Bt Timah NR.

when we reached there, there were already no parking lots. looked pretty crowded already and hello, the time was like 7am!? never knew so many SGporeans are such early birds. cuz and i contemplate walking off the normal track but decided to stick to the paved road track up. dunno if the decision was right or wrong. when we embarked on our journey up, what seemed like a simple trail up turned out to be pretty torturous as we ascended.

since when was bukit timah hill so bloody steep?? i thought to myself. moving up the first steep slope i was close to giving up and didn't think i could continue. breathing was heavy and i was panting like siao! didn't even bother to notice the flora or fauna, i was having stitches on my waist and experiencing tightening of muscles on my calves. i so wonder if i could continue to go up.

anyway, we managed to encourage each other to continue on and we reached the summit before we knew it. all through the way up, i only managed to take one interesting shot and it became my fave shot of the day. Pics below.

mating butterflies/moths?

and we finally reached the summit

ah pek doing cooling down exercise

father and daughter stopped for a short while and left

2 friends resting

apparently the snake has been there for 17 days in the same position

a lucky shot. only wanted to take the flower, found an insect on it too

dunno what plant this is, but thought it was interesting

grasshoppers i suppose? interestingly wonder why the insects come in pairs all the time

will i go back again? hell yes, one of my resolution for 2009 and the fact that i started, there's no reason for me to stop for the time being.. :D

after that, we headed to cong pang for breakie and i had chee cheong fan. didn't want to take sinful stuff, but my goodness!! the market's not only bustling with activities, nearly all stalls had queues!?! though i must say the price is not exactly the cheapest!! it was quite facinating!

the cong pang chee cheong fan.. quite yummy but costs $4!!
chilli's good and sauce - yummy

in short, the morning was pretty fun and quite an eye opener. hope i don't get muscle cramps tomorrow morning. :p

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