Thursday, December 04, 2008

the rain has finally confirmed that it's appearance is going to stay for the next couple of days. but the rain likes to play hide and seek depending on her mood, she is happiest when mid day arrives coz she'd gather her army of dark clouds to make a big entrance.

and we mere mortals.. hmm.. suffer? enjoy? depending on what you are doing at that point in time. for me? it's sucky coz i have been wearing heels for the last couple of days and it's not easy to walk in the rain, with heels, one hand holding the umbrella and another my laptop. that's just one part of the hassle. imagine when i reach the bus stop which is super crowded, people didn't wanna move in and everyone in front of me is carrying huge umbrellas. this to me, is a NIGHTMARE! i only like the dark clouds and the rain when i am in bed, tucked beneath my blanket and enjoy the raindrops beating against my window. totally hate it when i am outside.


am heading to vivo on Sat for movie and dinner. went to check out the website as to what is nice. afterall, vivo is huge and i thought there would be lots to offer. checking online for the restaurants they have, i am surprised that i'm left with not much to choose from. i was looking for something different and interesting. hmm.. frankly, i found none.

maybe it's coz i would be eating chirashi don @ wasabi tei (i'd definitely blog it after i meet up with Ann and Jenn on Sat for lunch) in the afternoon, i've struck off all japanese food for dinner before the movie. that still leaves me with a lot of choices. so i started checking out each restaurant and then googled them.

to my surprise, there are many many foodie blogs by local foodies in the net. i seldom surf so much, but i was surprised that so many people blog about food in Sg! haha. glad they did and i found them to be very useful.

i think maybe modesto's. i haven't been there though they have another branch near orchard hotel. maybe back to brotzeit, i need beer again or barcelos.. some mexican chicken place which seems like kenny rogers. will see how.

till Saturday! a foodie day for me!! :D

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