Sunday, November 30, 2008


someone forwarded me the link to Cape No. 7 and i accidentally remembered this particular taiwanese idol drama which is currently going to be shown. so i searched for it and found that they had this drama. Edeline mentioned to me when we were in taiwan that she wanted to watch this when we were there. When she mentioned to me the storyline, i was like, ok lor, another taiwanese idol drama. didn't create any interest in me.

so today, i went to search for it and it occupied me the whole day. the drama is HILARIOUS!!!

in the show, 杨丞琳 (aka little flower in the show) is a 'christmas tree' that's how 潘玮柏 (aka Tang Men in the show) described her. coz she's always overly dressed and in the worse manner of layers of clothes and in different colours. too decorative actually. in short a wacky fashion sense.

Tang Men is a damn cool fashion stylist who is friendless and always scolding people in the most sarcastic manner. Little flower went to him coz she wanted to impress her primary school friend who is her primary school sweetheart and asked TM to make her over. who knows the primary school friend is Tang Men's best buddy.

so as with all romantic taiwanese show, the best bud and the girl shared many fun moments together and slowly realised they like each other.. erm i haven't reach this episode yet but i guess should be lah.. these kinda show very predictable one..

what i like about the show is Yang Chen Ling acting funnily cute, extremely honest, soooo down to earth and extremely bumkin mode. and her character is adorable. gives names to her scooter, called it shu hui, then name her handphone as mei hui.. etc..

i laughed until pengz!!

so i am continuing watching. Thanks to Edeline for mentioning this show. :D

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