Saturday, December 13, 2008

friday meal part 2 - Laurent Bernard

after a wonderful dinner, cece and i were deciding between going for wine/something alcoholic or desserts. our initial plan was to go canele @ robertson walk. unfortunately, i don't exactly know which part of robertson walk canele is located. thinking that robertson is near grand copthorne, we decided to take a walk there.

turned out, the walk wasn't exactly that short and that we didnt exactly know if we were at the right direction. then we saw the road sign, we were going to reach mohd sultan. so we decided to walk around the area and we found Laurent Bernard - thinking that it was The Chocolate Factory.

We were determined to go in since there were seats. we were being ignored a couple of months back when we were there even though we told the staff that we wanted a seat for two. i guess we were both curious as to why this place drew such a huge crowd.

took about 15 mins for us to decide what to order. though the menu aint crazily exciting, we decided to order Choco Roma (Chocolate drink with rum and raisins), a Varlohona (think spelling is salah) warm chocolate cake with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a milk shake without whipped cream. the waitress repeated our order and we waited and chatted.

Choco Roma

I took a teaspoon to sip and i was like... oops overly rich for me. the chocolate was rich, smooth, thick, velvety and potent to my throat. one sip my throat went dry. i had a feeling i wasn't going to be able to finish the drink. i love the plump, juicy raisins which were soaked in the rum. the amount of rum inside was just nice. not too overwhelming nor too little. it actually mixed pretty nicely with the chocolate. pity i am not that big of a chocolate fan, but i believe anyone who loves chocolate and rum would have loved the drink. In the end, i didnt finish the cup. i could only do half of it. i didn't even eat the biscuit. i definitely overdosed on chocolate yesterday!!

Warm chocolate cake with a scoop of vanilla ice cream

we were guessing how this dessert would be like. wondering if the cake was going to ooze chocolate fudge when cut in the centre. we were also thinking if it might be similar to the one cece ate at tcc couple of months back. when the dessert arrived, we werent exactly impressed.

as we cut the cake, no fudge oozed out. just sticky chocolate in the middle. it was super rich. made my throat even worse. At this point in time, we realised why nearly every table was drinking tea. with all this chocolate, even a person who is crazy about it will prolly find it too to be too much and surprisingly, for the longest time we were there, we were not being served water.

Real vanilla ice cream

it's good. very smooth and very creamy. pretty light and easy on the throat. i can taste the fresh vanilla and i know that it's made from scratch simply because 1) can see the seeds which were bring scraped from the pod (this method is fast becoming a staple way of making anything vanilla in the local cookery scene) and 2) it definitely tasted different from those you buy from supermarkets. eating it together with the cake makes the cake less rich and easier to swallow. :D

the Varlohona cake

didnt think the cake was impressive in anyway. i guess for a price of $9.80 for this dish, it's ok only. didn't blow my mind or anything.

in short, the food's so so. drinks also so so. service is a straight zero! it's zero for the following reasons:

1) never serve iced water

2) waitress doubted our words when we said we specifically asked for no whipped cream in the choco milkshake. she asked in a challenging tone as to who was the waitress who took our order. don't understand what's the point unless pointing her colleague out was to ask the colleague to remove the whipped cream. anyway, it's sucky.

3) when we asked to be served ice water, the waiter brought one glass which is stained and unfortunately, cece had that glass. it was so not her dessert night.

would have been great if we managed to find canele. we'd be eating one of our favourite crepes! oh and we'd never go back to this chocolate place again.

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