Saturday, November 15, 2008

snack attack again!!!

the snack junkie in me has return. i headed to town this afternoon and went to check out isetan scotts coz i wanted to buy a packet of Yuzu candy. i didnt manage to get the candy, but i came back with the below. Damage is about 70 bucks, err, least i didnt break my previous record. guess it's also coz i removed many things from my basket. hehe.

packet of candies with Yuzu, Ume, Green tea and Azuki beans flavour.
No jam in the middle though

okie from the ingredients i read, i think it's wine flavour, not raisins

Kit Kat caramel macchiato! i wonder how it tastes like!!

Actually meltykiss is sorta a cheaper version of Royce. This is RUM flavour..
Hmm.. very interesting!!

I read in URBAN that the Basil and Tomato eaten together will taste like you are eating

Potato with sesame sauce.. i bought this coz i was curious! Toppo usually have sweet flavours.
i wonder how this one will turnout

Ahah! O'ZACK, my favourite brand!
the best tasting crips resembling the flavour they show on the cover of the package.
this one is for some stew..

Another O'ZACK crips. This time, it's Cesar Salad flavour!

This is also another of my favourite snack brand. Calbee!
This flavour is that of potato gratin!
It's limited edition by the way :0

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