Saturday, November 15, 2008

i like to....

move it, move it

he likes to: move it, move it

she likes to: move it, move it

we'd like to: MOVE IT!

guess without me having to say what show the above phrases came from, anyone who read it should know :). Yup, it's Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa!

watched it yesterday and i must say, though the story line is pretty simple, it's full of energy and it just kept the audience laughing lots! well, my friend and i laughed through most part of it. There wasn't exactly any dull moments for me.

the friends exited madagascar with the help of the penguins who repaired or restored or restarted the stranded plane (we last saw the plane in the forest in the previous episode) and made it possible to fly. so, the friends - Alex (Ben Stiller), Marty (Chris Rock), Melman (David Schimmer) and Gloria (Jada Pinkett Smith) took 'economy' class and flew to Africa with the penguins as well as King Julien and Maurice (who being king was in business class) and started their adventure in flight as well as in Africa.

what's great about this episode are the following:

1) hilariously, witty conversation/sentences (thrown in everywhere during the show)

2) further character build up for each of the four friends

3) introduction of a new environment where the 4 friends are no longer one of a kind of their species like when they were in the zoo and have a whole safari of animals the same as them. To not add any spoilers, one of them found family, another one found love, one found out that he prefers to be unique and the last one was heartbroken but also found love in the end.

4) a shark which i have no idea how it can flip itself onto the beach and flipped, flipped, flipped all the way to africa only to die and horrid death. As King Julien prayed 'I hope the Gods like SEAFOOD' because the shark became an unexpected offering to the Gods in the hopes that the dried up river (which is the source of life sustinence for the animals) to have water again.

5) kudos to the people behind episode 2 as they really paid attention to lots of details. like Alex had to wear a hat of fruits (grapes, bananas, watermelon, lychee(?)) when he was being banished from the community, he wore it like over two days? the artists actually made the colour of the banana looked ripey with a change in colour of the banana skin. they also made the grapes looked rather dried up! the african skies when changed from late afternoon to evening was incredible!

watch the show to relax, laugh and have a great time! you'd definitely enjoy it!

hmm.. i just wonder if africa actually has lychee.. hmm...

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