Saturday, September 08, 2007


it's a frustrating day for me. i was looking for this beach dress which i bought from Zara during a sale of which till this day is still unworn. searched high and low, i couldn't find it. doesnt help when i have a pounding headache. i wanted to pack it for spain, for the vibrant colour and coz i haven't wear it still, but it just disappeared!!

cannot remember where i put it. it was actually hanging outside my cupboard, but one day i decided to pack it away. now i cannot remember where i left it and am lazy to bring out all the stuff in my drawers and cupboard just to look for it.

darn...i thought i hung it back inside the cupboard..nope, it wasn't there.

wtf...this IS getting very irritating..

i haven't pack for spain yet. i've mind packed what i needed to bring but have yet to yank out the stuff and put it into my bag pack. i'd start tomorrow morning, terribly in need of a good rest and sleep.

currently feeling: tired, excited, slightly paranoid (coz 0f the pickpocket stories about spain), extremely irritated, lazy and fat!

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