Saturday, September 08, 2007

2004 - July

an animal of sorts..
viking ship..err..supposedly
some dinosaur
3 dee flower
duckie puzzleproducts and me

back in 2004 when i took time away from the banking job, i signed up for a design course. during then, the principal of the school decided to send me to our sister school in Osaka for a student exchange program. it was a dream come true. i always loved japan. having visited tokyo the year before, i couldn't wait to go Osaka.

it was my first time travelling alone. took the plane by myself, then to the hotel by myself etc. it was fun and exciting, but i couldn't help worrying.

the trip was an enriching one. i met people from all over the world. but as it is, human beings tend to find cliques and stick with the people within. it's interesting though and i happened to be one of the oldest student in the program with the least experience in design projects and using the adobe illustrator/photoshop.

in the end, my team won the gold prize. thanks to the help of my team mates we definitely impressed the judges from the company we were designing the product for. the theme happened to be recycling the unused materials of that company to come up with products that can be sold. we concentrated on the use of the foam materials and came up with the above. we called our products '3 dees' and 'join joins' haha it was damn fun and would love to do it again if ever there was another chance.

by the way, i decided to do a monthly art/cooking project just so my creative juices can continue to flow freely and not be stifled by overloaded office work.

this decision came upon visiting nicole's webbie. =)

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