Tuesday, August 21, 2007


my blog's been rather stagnant these days, no thanks to the aching left shoulder which i was paranoid enough to think that it might be cancer (after watching the 2nd last episode of 'Desperate Housewives) and also, there isn't much to blog about.

i have also been trying to complete the books which i bought during the 'Harris' sales and thus far, i managed to complete one just before my 30th birthday. after watching 'Order of the Phoenix' i knew i must finish 'Half Blood Prince' soon and start on 'Deathly Hollows'. There's this Harry Potter 'craze' happening amongst the girls recently. haha, it's a secret!

we have gotten our accommodation in Spain and the ferry ticket to ibiza..hmm did i mention that i my previous posts? gee.. i really cannot remember. i scrimping like crazy cos every cent counts now that the date is so near!! plus i'm flying to BKK on Friday..sheesh i am just gonna change SGD100 to thai baht. awwWww this is so freaking painful!!! Arghhhh..

the trip to Spain is gonna be a girly affair since DH will not be able to join us, due to unforeseen circumstances. nevermind DH, we'd take loads of pics during our trip there and enjoy everything in Spain on your behalf!! haha

watched The Bourne Ultimatum on Sun and got a freaking headache, no thanks to the car chasing scene. one patron actually vomited during the show and we were laughing our heads off!

warning: if you have motion sickness, better don't catch the movie.

but overall, it's pretty good. non stop action from the beginning till the end~

thereafter we went to check out the prices of loewe and BV bags in orchard road. hmm.. seems like i might be able to afford two loewe. errr...we'll see..

that's it for today. off to see what harry and the rest are up to.

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