Monday, August 27, 2007

alfalfa salad


grapes, cucumber and tomatoes

not forgetting the alfalfa and parmasan cheese

the end product

made this one weekend when i was inspired by Jamie Oliver's cook show. so i got alfalfa, tomatoes and cucumber as the main ingredients. added grapes and decided that i needed more fruits to perk it up a bit. so i got a plum and diced it up.

i must say that alfalfa has a terribly raw taste, it tastes even worse than raw bean sprouts. but i found a good compliment to it, red wine vinegar. add some japanese citrus soy sauce, a table spoon or less of mustard from ikea, some black pepper, olive oil and grated cheese.

absolute yummers peepz!

oh, and the pics were inspired by nicole's blog..err but i do have more to learn.

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