Tuesday, August 14, 2007

nicole's blog

there are only a couple of blogs which i visit. some occasionally, some almost everyday.

i hardly visit nicole's blog everyday, but it comes with a reason. i love it whenever i visit her blog! it's great visual therapy! you got to check it out to know what i mean. all her colourful photographs, regardless if they are neatly arranged or not in order or whatever, i love looking at them! she's such a genius! check out her latest shots the greens and the blues, super duper professional!! the gal's got great eye not only for details, but the placing of her 'subjects' and love her colour combination damn good sia!! if i ever get married, haha i want her to do the candid shots for me man!!

think if i ever get married, i shall ask all my 'photographer' pals to help me take pics from various points of view..haha maybe i should carry my dslr and photograph the people who are at my wedding.

man..i'm dreaming and digressing.. argghhh see what her blog does to me!! makes me think of all things pretty, nice and beautiful!

my brain's getting high just checking out her blog...haha

anyway, another reason why i don't visit her blog all the time is coz i'm afraid one day i'd just decide to leave my job and do whatever she's doing!! haha something which i cannot afford for the time being.

ok nicole, i just wanna say i love all your pics and all the good webbies you recommend for tips, tricks and other stuff! everything's super cool!!! thanks to your blog, it's always great to see simple, but beautiful stuff! and yes, there's no need to go into extremes just to capture beautiful and inspiring photo!

oh..and i'm turning green with envy!!!!!!

keep up the good work! i'll always look forward to visit your blog!

Cheers babe! o(*_*)v

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