Monday, August 13, 2007

new cd

Hmm, so blogger has a new feature, i can put a feature song on my post? Ok, i shall try.

Just nice, in tune with my title for this post.

Got the new Stefanie Sun's album. Not exactly new, bet it has been around for weeks or even months, but i happened to chance upon a super cheap version of only $9.90 at Sembawang Music Centre!

Swee!! (and i mean 'nice' in hokkien, not that i missed out a 't' from the word 'sweet'.)

I haven't listened through the whole album coz i have been focusing my attention on two songs. Hopefully to master them before the next karaoke session. Needless to say, the two songs are supposedly the highlight of the album.

Initially, i quite like 逆光, coz it's damn challenging to sing due to the highs and lows, when to use power and when to use 假音. sooooo complicating but i like! it's all about the tactic! i realised it sounds a bit like a national day song though.

then i chance upon 我怀念的 and i really really like the song. not only for the meaningful lyrics, but the dramatic melody which really touched my heart. This is by far her best. I've listened to a lot of her songs and love most of them. this one beats all of them hands down!

SS has a very unique voice. As compared to Kit Chan or Xu Mei Jing she has a wider range and i never get tired of it. She always has something different to offer. I like each and every one of her album and love to sing many of her songs. she sure deserves all the awards she has won!!

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