Friday, July 20, 2007

what's your blister cure?

some people say you are not suppose to release the liquid in the blister and are supposed to live with it until it dries up.

me? i'd always pop the liquid out. think about it. when the blister dries up, it's gonna be harden and you'd have a 'corn' thingy which you have to live with for the rest of your life. i don't think any amount of scrubbing away dead skin will get rid of the 'corn' thingy.

anyway, it's me and vanity today. the pair of shoes i wore, freaking gave me one blister. sighz, i have to stick 4 plasters on various parts of my feet to protect them. arghhh!!!

* * *

by the way, we finally checked out Mortons Bar martinis and beef sandwich. this time the recommendation to try the appletini was an excellent one! I totally love it coz it's sour to the max! Very refreshing! absolute yummers!

i think this would be a good sequence if you are going for the martinis which were going @ 10.95 bucks per glass during happy hour.

chocolatini ---> lycheetini ---> appletini

and the beef sandwich? not bad...not bad at all!!

but it depends on the batches. the first sandwich i had, the beef was too hard and very tough. it was actually overly done. the next few batches got better. the last one was the best! it was medium rare and easy to chew. i wished i had savor every mouthful of it then. but it took me a maximum of only 4 bites and it was gone.

how many are you roughly able to eat from the free flow?

Hmm...i reached there at early 6 ish? I managed to eat 4 or 5 before the happy hour ended. you'd not be very full, but just nice if you are not a big eater.

was listening to some Cao Ge's songs from the first album, actually quite nice. i shall prep myself for next friday's karaoke session!!! yay!!!! oh and i got a reply from 'CG' heh~

TGIF! Looking forward to the weekend! can't wait!!!!!!

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