Sunday, July 15, 2007

that's it! time to stop!


sometimes it can really drive a person to madness. it's like you cant stop and keep wanting more.

Nothing will stop you from getting what you want.

the intense urge for the momentary satisfaction which is derived from getting what you wanted and needed, dispels all thoughts of likely consequences.

you are in a state of oblivion.

ok, maybe i am exaggerating. but that's how i felt when i was at cash register the other day paying for the snack i bought. i was 'awe' struck by the total payment i needed to make and the amount of which, i shant reveal. it's just amazing what i had to pay for junk food. but very delicious junk food.

i was so busy getting the new flavors which were recently launched that i didn't do my math. i was also thinking that if i didnt get it now, the stock will prolly not arrive anymore. Many are limited edition and i just wanted to get them. incidentally, the supermart kinda stocked up on quite a few new items so i erm, kinda got all of them and 3 of each for some flavors. i thought the most i'd spend is $45? oh wellz, my maths sucks and japanese snacks aint really cheap.

when the total bill appeared on the cash register, i felt a stab through my heart. Even though i had discount, it was still expensive. it was then that i decided, no more shopping spree for snacks again next time.

the new flavors better taste good, or else...!@@!$#$#@#@$

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