Sunday, July 15, 2007

a decade of friendship

this month marks a decade of friendship for quite a number of us.

10 years - it's really quite a long time. from the crazy SIM days till today, we are still crazy as ever. doing the funniest and the weirdest things possible. hah! that has always been our spirit. willingness to try anything unusual and everything fun.

can't say that we have been in constant contact with one another, least we have all made every effort possible to meet up for special occasions and stuff. we may not know one another's deepest secrets nor the problems that we face, yet we all know that should anything happen to any one of us, we will all be there - physically if not mentally.

i'll let the slideshow do the talking. may our friendship continue for many years to come. by the way, this is only part one of the slide show. part two will come maybe a week later.

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