Tuesday, July 03, 2007

old airport road prawn mee

hip hip hurray!!

best news of the day!

mum said that my fave prawn mee stall is making a comeback at Old Airport road hawker centre!! it has disappeared for the longest time and we never did see it or know where it moved to. i missed this prawn mee loads coz the rest i've tried could never exactly match up to it.

and now, it's back!

i like my prawn mee served only with chor bee hoon (thick vermicelli), lots of chill powder, a small amount of chilli padi to make it more fiery, super huge prawns with amazingly thick roe and brain juice, fair amount of bean sprouts and flavourful soup!

*slurps and droolz*

yeah, sinfully rich and absolutely satisfying!

so far, i haven't tasted any that could match except for Ren Ren. But then they only serve the normal bee hoon. Pity.

i can't wait for the store to open again, they better open soon and i'm sure i'd take pics to let you guys droolz like i did!


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