Sunday, July 01, 2007

30 June

wasn't in time to put up an entry on this day.

june 30th was such a significant day for this year.

it marks the last day where the national stadium will ever be the same. the doors were finally closed and a small scale farewell party (?) was done in its honour. watched the tv and wasn't exactly impressed. saw the fireworks, thought it was a tad uncoordinated. Kit Chan singing on such a small stage, rather pathetic. i guess perhaps it's best to experience it live at where it was.

another significant change is the GST hike to 7%. so i did my share of shopping to the point i am over budget for the month. i haven't exactly save for my Spain trip, i better start in July. else, i'd prolly be super duper broke.

* * *

been eating too much good food lately and with no exercise. i am such a fat dead meat!

Weds was at Settlers' Cafe with the peepz at work. it was snacks night and we over gorged ourselves. love the game Cranium it was darn fun. getting the gang to go there one day next week.

Thurs was break day went home after work.

Fri was supposed to go 10 dollar club for karaoke. Dh, Cece and me met up at Vivo first before we met YM and Mich. had dinner at Mussel Guys. it was only average. the mussels were kinda over cooked and pretty tough to open. i say Oosters' still the best for mussels! we then head off to Chinatown to have dessert at JDC (Ji De Chi) had the mango and grapefruit with sago. it was yummy! after dessert we went off to the karaoke place only to find that it was super crowded! we ended up going around to look for karaoke places around the area but subsequently decided to settle for ICB. the friday traffic was disastrous and horrifying crowded. in short, jam was everywhere!! we nearly decided to go Newton for cockles instead, but we made it for a short drinking session at ICB. by then i think we were all pretty tired and as we were going to sentosa the next day, we left by 12am and i was asleep by 1ish.

Sat's plan was to head to ECP hawker centre for lunch. DH wanted to have the chicken wings from Hwee and i wanted the wanton mee. mich said that the pig trotters were delicious as well. the plan was to pick me up at my place at 12pm, ended up it was delayed by half an hour, and then it was further delayed to 1.15pm by the time they pick me up. anyway, lunch was awesome! we had wanton mee with added char siew which were topped to a heap on our plates! we had chicken wings but not from Hwee's. we also ordered laksa and finally the irresistible mutton satay and ate to our fill!!

traffic to sentosa was terrible again. by the time we reached Sentosa to meet up with Ann, JJ and Don, i think it was three ish. not much sun to tan, just tiredly lazy to wanna sleep. we played a bit of sand castle building and thereafter, headed off to the swimming pool at rasa. it was great!

Ann and JY had a wedding to attend and the three of us left for Ikea to buy the cocktail shaker. had pizza at anchorpoint first and the pizzas' were pretty cheap and yummy. Jenn's coming back next Fri and we are going to have a Spain trip planning cum drinking session at the Tan's. So we thought of making lychee martinis and Margaritas and thus heading down to Ikea but unfortunately, they stopped stocking up on the shakers. so sad. i ended up buy shot glasses instead. and we saw these two syrups which would be excellent for our small friday gathering. there's the lingoberry syrup and the elder syrup. i tried the former and it tastes exactly like the sauce they have for the meatballs. i can imagine it as a better mixer than cranberry. we shall see on friday.

caught Transformers with the bros today. hmm, i thought it was rather slow moving albeit it was action all the way. the focus was more the humans then the bots, and don't you think most of the robots sound the same? i was also disappointed that Starscream (Hugo Weaving being the voice) hardly have much script to say. i wish they added more colours to the bots to make them distinguishable. Didn't Megatron use to be white? I can hardly differentiate one Decepticon from another. another question in my mind was how come the start spark changes all machines to Decepticons? it was weird. anyway, i presume there's a part 2 to this?

we then head off to isetan to get my hokkaido cheese souffle and the whole Orchard road was bloody crowded and everyone's so unruly. we went back to Paragon wanting to go DTF but instead settled for Shinbashi Soba which proved to be a bad choice.

the set i ordered was supposed to have softshell crab tempura but the size was miserable. the side dishes were barely warm and it took them ages to prepare the food. the service was terrible. we had to ask twice for the ice water. they also didn't bother to refill the water and had to be asked. it was disappointing. worst when i told the waiter that the tempura was cold, they came back with a 'freshly' prepared, but think refried soft shell crab and brinja coz one bite you can taste the excess oil oozing out. simply yucks and not worth the money. even if there's nothing else to eat in Paragon, one should just head to another shopping mall than settle for this soba place. no wonder it's so quiet.

went home and slept through Prisoner of Azkaban but stayed fully awake watching Small Soldiers. It was quite nice actually. hah!

tomorrow's monday again and i bet it's going to be busy. Badminton's finally on after a two weeks break. Can't wait!

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