Wednesday, May 02, 2007

fly me to Bali

finally the day has arrived. i'd be going to bali in a couple of hours. so this time tomorrow, hah i hope to be chilling out at the nice resort, sleep and thinking of waking up to the waves and sandy beach.

i hope it's gonna be fun.

work has taken up most of my time of late. the last time i drank was erm, oh.. only last friday. it seems like such a long time. i miss my beer and i shall have lots during the bali trip. looking forward to massages (cheap of course!), lots of sun (i'd prolly become chao tar when i am back) good food (Scottie said there's loads of fresh seafood at super unbeatable prices) and tons of shopping!! (beachwear at never before seen prices in SG)

Seriously, i am containing my excitement. Can't outburst as work has sucked up quite a bit of my energy of late. have been staying till 11 ish at night in office for the past couple of days to try to complete some stuff. even with having to go back on sat and labour day to do the testing. as much as i agree with my boss that the project has been a good experience, and it still is coz within a short span of two weeks, i finally am able to understand how the systems integrate with one another, i still hoped for a longer time frame to cutover. but we all know this is not within our control. sighz, trading time for experience. well, i guess i can reap the rewards thereafter.

a doting pal called up of late and we agreed to meet up sometime soon. haven't met him for like months, and he was supposed to treat me flaming lambo in bali. but alas, the trip he couldnt make it due to work. we promised to meet up for drinks soon.

woke up tues morning and found a dead lizard in my room. i wondered how it died. doesn't look flattened or anything. In any case, wasn't a pretty sight to wake up to. i had to sweep it away. darn unhappy.

today at work, kenared a lousy email. admitted that it was my fault, yet simply put, the whatsoever that replied obviously didn't accept my apologies and didn't have her bloody facts right. couple of people were affected for today, but i tried my best to help source for other alternatives. the others in the list, i have given them advance notification. i think this is reasonable and wheresoever is the need to scramble to find what they need?

tmd. dont need this kind of treatment.

wanted to eat the cereal i bought last night at Jason, tmd again! Got some kind of mites crawling out of the cereal. damn disgusting lor!!! Alvin said that it's a source of protein, at first i thought it's only very little, but then, the more i inspect, the more there were. I gave up and threw everything away. darn, i have no time to complain!!!


aint a smooth day today. i felt sick and thought i'd faint.. but i survived.

time to get to bed, going to office early and leaving early for my trip.

YAY! Everything better go smoothly.....

*cross fingers and pray hard*

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