Saturday, May 12, 2007

bali travelog

i'm quite a lousy travel logger. usually i say i'd blog about my travels, but you'd notice that i'd not type much details. i'm actually quite lazy. however, i shall attempt to summarize my 6 day bali trip on this entry this time round.

May 3 - night

finally reached bali. hired cab and were conned by two men who offered to carry our luggage who in turn requested us to pay them for helping us to bring the stuff to the cab. boo! we refused but gave them both RP 10000 just to get them off our backs.

reached seminyak suites, our place to stay for the next 5 days. had some miscomm and we waited a while to get our rooms. got two rooms in the end, 101 for the girls and 106 for the guys. looks nice, has a chalet feel to it. pity the swimming pool looks damn dirty, no wonder we didn't see anyone chilling out by the pool. lots of mozzies too. tap wasn't working and the aircon too.


walked out at late 11ish to find food and water. most of the food places were closed or not serving food by the time we decided. so we ate by this make shift store selling fried chicken rice. i love the spicy sambal chill. it's damn delish!! bought some tidbits and walked back to the room.

may 4

had cheap mee goreng at rundown store in dunno where i forgot. met a driver who gave us a free ride to nusar duar beach famous for sea sports. got our sarongs to prep for the tanning. there's lots of sea sports indeed, but the beach pretty dirty due to the oil from the machines.

scott suggested we go kuta beach. so we packed and went off to kuta after an hour of tanning.

reached kuta had A&W. was amazed by the beach. DAMN HAPPENING AH!! though it's not those white sandy beaches, but it's huge and there were people surfing. COOL!!

we walked quite far before we settled down. then the local started touting, asking you to do massage, pedi and mani, foot scrub, plat your hair, buy stuff. it's freaking irritating. but i did massage, mani, pedi and foot scrub at the beach. total damage - RP170, 000 which is about SGD 30. pretty cheap. the massage quite normal, the pedi and mani actually have nail art on them. the feet scrub was for damn long too. you feel like royalty coz you have 4 people making you feel beautiful! Haa. The rest went body surfing.

saw a mooks sale banner on the way to the beach, went to the store and was disappointed that it's only in one small crate. bought 2 tees for my bros and a top for myself. spent less than SGD50! Delightful!

had dinner at ryoshi jap rest. super cheap sashimi and set!! eat to our fill!! Excellent! plus CTB card got 10% discount!


watched some tv and slept. the food was PGLS!!! Haaa..

May 5

rented a car for 5 days at super low price. we decided to check out the beach at seminyak. it was damn beautiful and very quiet! less locals asking you to do stuff, but more asking you to buy stuff. the waves were stronger here and it was great for body surfing.

did a temp tattoo as well. haa! NICE NE! bought two dresses too.

went back to kuta for dinner. KFC i think and then we went to check out the small shops in the area. most of the surf wear werent cheap. so didn't get much. we were hoping to go the factory outlet for the surf wear on the last two days.

went hardrock and grabbed two kid sized tee. yay!

May 6

journey to Ubud for our spa treatment. were lost and were conned. some guy offered to show us some silver making place, guess he was hoping that we would buy something from him. we were already late, and decided to leave. after we drove for like 5 mins, he was on his bike again and we thought he was so good to show us the way. but he brought us to some other place. we told him we didn't have time for this. then we got lost.

finally reached Ubud at 2ish. and did all the spa possible! it was great and damn relaxing!! just what i needed. had sunburn and the yogurt totally soothed my burning skin. i felt much better after that. had the hair cream bath as well. i could fall asleep sia!

didnt have the chance to explore ubud coz by then it was evening and we were rushing to return to kuta before sun down.

reached kuta and had dinner at bamboo corner. food was big in serving and PGLS!! Had a huge bottle of bintang beer. shiok! ate the seafood platter as well! Wolfed down everything! Am pretty surprised by my appetite when i was in bali. ate lots and like there's no tomorrow.


May 7

shopping day! went through the whole stretch of seminyak, went to carrefour and back to kuta.

bought loads. slippers @ SGD 4 per pair, bikini @ less than SGD20, MOOKS two polo tee, a tank top and a bag at only about SDG 40 bucks! (we finally found the mooks sale in a larger scale!! on our way to carrefour.) bought two paintings, souvenirs, lays chips (in salmon teriyaki flavour)

went back to ryoshi and ate oden, sashimi and mochi. totally stuffed!

May 8

Last day in bali. wanted to hit the beach but it started to rain. went for breakfast and then the sun came out at around 1pm. we wanted to go for another spa so we had only half an hour to take pics at the beach.

the spa was not as fantastic. but still cheap. did scrub, facial and hair cream bath. only SGD34! did some last min shopping and sent scott to check in for his flight. went back to kuta for dinner at bamboo corner. had lobster platter! then it was a mad rush to the airport coz we couldn't find the way there and were lost.

scott managed to reach just in time for his flight (SQ). and the rest of us checked in for our flight(valueair).

May 9 - 1.30am

reached home, washed up and collapsed in bed and was late for work in the morning.

fun trip. we are already thinking of going again next year. it's definitely gonna be more fun next year!

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