Monday, March 05, 2007

shinryoku yakitori restaurant

i seem to have a sudden craving for the buffet at shinryoku yakitori rest. it's been in my mind the whole day. last time i went was in the month of Jan or early Feb and i actually went there 3 times in a month, consecutive one week after another.

i totally missed the arkshell, yellow tail, ika sashimi! i also miss the crunchy yam, the ginko yakitori sticks, the beef, the salad, the chix glizzard sticks, the garlic rice, the fish, the grilled japanese squid, the chix wings, chix heart sticks, the golden mushroom wrapped in super thin bacon sticks and many many more!!

*i'm drooling right now by the way*

asked the gang earlier if they wanna go next week, we are trying to jio more people. also wanted to intro someone to this nice place for his birthday dinner coz it's coming soon.

anyway, whoever i'm going with, i really cannot wait. i must settle the craving for the food there!! cannot wait too long already!

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