Wednesday, March 14, 2007

full to the max

piangz, we sure out done ourselves this time. i don't know about the rest of the peepz. me? i'm freaking full!

gorged on like 4 plates of sashimis, sticks of yakitoris, yams, noodles, chix, i'm so darn stuffed!! the feeling's like having too much alcohol except, i'm not high and very sober and very sleepy.

woah...*hic*...i didn't take a lot of lunch today, but i didn't eat a lot either just now.. hmmz..

so as we chatted we came up with a new abbreviation or should i say equation. something like this..

NNN or N3 (read as: N cube) = NN or N2 (read as: N square)

it's quite funny and damn silly. shan't review though.

secret joke for the 6 of us.

* * *

so we plan for the coming Sat.

DH's bday party at my place.

expected crowd: about 20 and slightly more.

hmm, wonder if the rooftop can accommodate so many people all ready to get DH drunk so that he can fly.(afterall, he's 'Big Bird' heh!) so us being the nicest pals ever will fulfill one of his many wishes and that is to help him know what the feeling of being drunk is like. for that, kind souls of many places will gather at the rooftop in geylang



are you ready DH?? will abound and i'd be the official photograher..

gathering the evidence and we'll see what happens.

who's gonna be part of the stack?!?!


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