Sunday, March 18, 2007

fulfilling a wish

today, we helped our coolest buddy fulfill one of his many wishes.

he said he never got to the point of being drunk and has the least idea of what puking booze is like..

tonight, he finally got this wish fulfilled.

a crowd of 15 gathered at my place. little food we had, but much was left unfinished. we concentrated on getting our dear friend drunk on his birthday.

so the ad hoc strategy was to go fast and furious (actually we were rather skeptical that this would work, after all, this dude 'dry' a litre of stella artios in less than 10 secs!).. so, it was one at a time but in continuous motion. we had the best bartender babe coming out with the best concoctions for our birthday boy.

we all had fun and 'dry' many plastic cuppas. haa and none of us got drunk..


in about an hour or so, the birthday dude was suppressing his puke and trying to maintain his stand that he's still ok and not there yet. but we all know he was doing his very best, trying to stay awake and sober.

as everyone knows, if you are ever in that state, any resistance is futile. best is to just keep quiet, give in to the zZzz monster and go to bed.

then again, how often can one think straight when one is in that state?

and so, our true self appears. one that has been asleep for the longest of time has finally gotten it's chance to be awake.

our dear friend became loud and started to rattle a limited range of hokkien words describing a very specific male body part. (hah! sorry, just had to mention this) and we have it on video! kudos to him for still trying damn hard to walk properly, but boo to him for being loud and still shouting hokkien words describing the specific male body part countless time.. hee we have this on video too!!

anyhow, this kinda reminded me about my birthday party last year. i guess the ruckus he created cannot really compare to the chaos i made and boo to me for shouting hokkien words of various female body parts, gnls and nbs at the very top of my lungs!

perhaps happy people have their share of anger that hides way in the depths of their minds and hearts. on normal days, there's just no reason why this anger should appear. but on days not so normal, it just creeps out all of a sudden and shock the hell out of everyone.

well, heck it dear friend. it's in times like these that we know another side of you and you willing/unwilling show it to us. :)

we had our laughter, we had our fun.
we hope you did and are happy that you got drunk.
hopefully your hugo can be savaged.
otherwise, a lesson to learn.
branded shirts doesnt mean we wont get you drunk,
we still will coz we had a mission to accomplish.
to get your drunk, that's our top priority!

Happy 31st DH!!! Cheers to ya!!

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