Tuesday, March 06, 2007

food places to visit

initial thought was to list 10, i think i'm too ambitious, i'd just list 5 and leave the others to fate and destiny. hah!! crappy talk again..

1. Ashtons Specialties

check out the pics for the juicy beef on the blog. enough to make one salivate! the price seems reasonable too and kudos to the restaurant for putting up a blog for updates and hah, check out the top right hand corner of their blog, you'd see an advert type of different food from their menu. nice song too! 'Ocean size love' - Leigh Nash, th
ough not sure how it's linked to the food, but it's cool!

2. Werner's Oven

Reasonably priced German food and looks damn yummy! They even have a bakery menu! I love bread!! =) What's best, the place is located in east coast!!!! So near my place!

looks like an uber cool restaurant to hangout in. incidentally it's located in/at the hangout hotel in Mt. Emily. Wonder what lawyer turned chief can churn out. the menu looks interesting, though the price i suspect, might be on the high side. Quite sure it's worth checking out.

4. Nadezhda

It's a Russian restaurant. Hmm...trying coz it's pretty exotic isn't it?

5. Shunjuu

If i am not wrong, should be the Japanese restaurant i came across the other time we went to have dinner at brussel sprouts (by the way, brussel sprout's a bit over-rated. the mussels are soooo tiny, i'd go Oosters anytime!). looks happening with loads of peepz, i presume it should be good. Just managed to find the website and reading through the reviews brought up my expectations. they serve fugu (blowfish) but it's the dried version. Happening!

the rest.. hmm another day lah!!
i'm hungry liao and i still havent got my Shinryoku yakitoris!!!!! sighz..

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